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Brand new, fashionable and durable strong men's trouser braces. They are extremely well made and reliable. Fully adjustable with elastane material allowing for one size to fit all. Great for informal and formal wear, jeans or suit trousers. With...

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Great look with trousers or jeans for the formal or informal look. Perfectly set these braces off with a shirt, bow tie and a tweed jacket Specification: Design: Y-back suspenders Colors: 10 Color Strap Length: 110cm(43 inch) Strap width: 3.5cm(1.38...

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Decalen's suspenders are tailor-made, made of premium materials and have modern design. Our suspenders are suitable for: men, women and even teenagers, available in a range of styles, patterns, sizes and colours. Very strong clips ensure secure hold...

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Quality stretch belt made from woven braided elastic material. Matching leather trim on covered buckle, loop and tip of belt. Pin goes through belt material for easy adjustment. There are no belt holes so you can wear the belt at whatever length...

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