FM London Men’s Argyle 12 Socks, Black (Heel and Toe), One size (Manufacturer Size:UK 6-11)

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Our new F&M Heel and Toe Men’s Socks (12 pack), offer a comfortable cotton rich sock that comes with a bright coloured reinforced heel and toe section. All socks are primarily black and come with bright orange, blue, pink, turquoise, red and purple heel and toe sections. These cotton rich socks have an extra soft, luxurious feel, keeping your feet comfortable and fresh all day long. The sock is spun and combined with a blend of materials which gives it many advantages over other socks. Our blend of materials and manufacturing methods create a sock that has; improved wrinkle resistance to maintain the smart look of the sock whilst the blending methods allow for unparalleled durability. The blend also provides superior colour retention to ensure your socks retain their intended colours. Our fine knit men’s heel and toe socks are designed with an elasticised top to keep the sock in place, whilst the ribbed material around this elasticised loop allows for extra comfort and style. These calf socks are thin enough to wear with any shoe. The F&M Heel and Toe socks are machine washable and can be tumble dried. The sock fits sizes 6-11 and is made from a 55% Cotton, 43% Polyester 2% Elastane blend. The pack includes 12 pairs of Men’s Heel and Toe Socks.12 Pairs Pack Mens heel and toe socks

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