Men’s Plus Size Hoodie Pullover Jacket Basic Plain Casual Hoody Size 3XL-6XL UK

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Men’s Big and Tall Plain Hoodie

Your search for a big and tall plain hoodie can now come to an end. You’ve discovered a high quality, great value one right here!

Put it on when you’re ready for leaving the house and notice how the soft lining brushes your skin with a fine touch. Wear it at work, on your commute to work, when you’re home, whilst on a jog or when you’re just lounging around. Whatever you want to do with you day, don’t do it without this hoodie!

Benefit from the 60% Cotton 40% Polyester material with attributes such as ; Soft To The Touch – Exceedingly cosy and pleasantly warm Strong and Durable – Resistant to most chemicals, stretching, shrinking and wrinkling Easy To Care For – Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and quick drying, making this hoodie very easy to wash. Good Absorbency – The cotton in the fabric has natural moisture wicking properties that take moisture from the skin and distribute it evenly throughout the fabric, which helps keep you cool

This hoodie features elasticated wrist cuffs and waistband, a front zipper, 2 front pockets and a draw cord for the hood

Available in sizes 3XL-6XL. Comes in 5 different colours, consider buying 2 different colours for when one of them is in the wash.
Act now whilst our stocks last!

If you have any questions about this product then please get in contact with our customer service team, office hours are 9-5:30pm (UK Hours) and we aim to reply within 24hrs. Presenting Our Super Soft Men’s Plus Size Hoodie

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